Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Errors

Vehicle Maintenance Errors

Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Errors

When it comes to proper vehicle maintenance, it often boils down to the combination of professional mechanical work plus some continuous DIY checkups on the owner’s part. Car owners and even professional mechanics sometimes tend to overlook those tiny but [...]

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Things To Do When You Require Roadside Assistance

The thing with breakdown is, you can’t always predict them. However, you can be well prepared for one. If in the middle of the journey, your car starts acting up it is important to safely pull over before doing or [...]

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Keys Locked In Car: How To Unlock The Door & Retrieve The Keys

So, you have to be somewhere and you’re already getting late. This is where you start talking to yourself “what if I have my sandwich on the way? I can definitely save some time…” – You jump down the stairs, [...]

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Day or Night We Offer 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Need Towing Service At Night St. Louis?

If you own a vehicle, chances it will breakdown unexpectedly at least once in it’s service life.  This goes for even with the best maintained vehicles, in fact, according to a recent study by Warranty Direct and their Reliability Index site,  one out of [...]

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Rollover Accident Scene

Stay Safe When Your Vehicle Rolls Over

Although rare, vehicle rollovers are one of the most dangerous accident scenarios on the road.  According to a US Government Study in 2010, they account for almost 35% of all road fatalities while only representing a little over 2% of the [...]

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Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips For The Summer Heat

Using your car in the summer is a great way to get out of the heat, that is until your A/C goes or your car breaks down in the middle of your drive. High temperatures, while great for swimming can [...]

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Emergency kit for Roadside Assistance

13 Essential Items Required For A Roadside Emergency Kit

There’s a good number of folks out there with a membership to auto clubs or drive under a warranty offering free roadside assistance.  While these are highly beneficial features, being a member of an auto club or having a free roadside assistance option [...]

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Car ready for the pasture

What a Car Wrecker Service Anyway?

…and when you should consider using one.

Today we will talk about exactly what a car wrecker service is and what it has to offer to people.  If you have an old vehicle that you don’t use and would like to [...]

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Avoid Hyrdoplaning on a Wet Road

What To Do When Your Car Hydroplanes

It’s spring here in Saint Louis, and you know what that means. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Of course while the wet weather makes for some beautiful flowers in May and June, it can be “difficult” to drive in.   [...]

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Checking Breakpads Roadside Assistance St Louis

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Brakes nowadays are wonderfully designed.  They give the driver all sorts of indications that they’re starting to fail.  Now if your brake pads are grinding, you have already missed the time to have your brakes checked. Brakes, just like other [...]

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