Category: Roadside Assistance

While it’s not something we like to think about, the unplanned car failure or breakdown has a way of making us think about it whether we like it or not. While needing emergency roadside assistance is something we should do our best to avoid, we should know what to expect and whom to call should an unexpected incident occur. In this category we’ll talk about roadside services Reliable Guys Towing offers including having locked keys in car, car battery jump start service and mobile tire repair and ways to prevent service calls through common sense tips and habits.

Things To Do When You Require Roadside Assistance

The thing with breakdown is, you can’t always predict them. However, you can be well prepared for one. If in the middle of the journey, your car starts acting up it is important to safely pull over before doing or [...]

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Rollover Accident Scene

Stay Safe When Your Vehicle Rolls Over

Although rare, vehicle rollovers are one of the most dangerous accident scenarios on the road.  According to a US Government Study in 2010, they account for almost 35% of all road fatalities while only representing a little over 2% of the [...]

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Emergency kit for Roadside Assistance

13 Essential Items Required For A Roadside Emergency Kit

There’s a good number of folks out there with a membership to auto clubs or drive under a warranty offering free roadside assistance.  While these are highly beneficial features, being a member of an auto club or having a free roadside assistance option [...]

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Avoid Hyrdoplaning on a Wet Road

What To Do When Your Car Hydroplanes

It’s spring here in Saint Louis, and you know what that means. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Of course while the wet weather makes for some beautiful flowers in May and June, it can be “difficult” to drive in.   [...]

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Checking Breakpads Roadside Assistance St Louis

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Brakes nowadays are wonderfully designed.  They give the driver all sorts of indications that they’re starting to fail.  Now if your brake pads are grinding, you have already missed the time to have your brakes checked. Brakes, just like other [...]

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Trust our car battery jump start service

Avoiding Car Battery Jump Start Service

Most people take for granted that their car engine is going to start up when they turn the key in the ignition.  That is – until it doesn’t.  Needless to say, it’s not a pleasant experience getting stuck in your [...]

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Roadside Assistance

Avoiding Emergency Roadside Assistance

Most drivers incorrectly assume that just because they take proper care of their vehicle in terms of servicing and drive safely when on the road so they will never need any sort of roadside assistance. Unfortunately even the best maintained cars can [...]

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Day or Night We Offer 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Covering the St. Louis metro area  on a 24 hour basis, Reliable Guys Towing is proud to be locally owned in the city we grew up in.  We are dedicating to offering our customers the best towing services anywhere, and [...]

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mobile tire repair

Mobile Tire Repair Service

So you’re driving down I-64 enjoying the drive with your radio on and thinking about what you’re going to be eating for supper. You’ve had a long day but it’s almost over now. Just another 15 minutes of driving and [...]

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