Things To Do When You Require Roadside Assistance

Things To Do When You Require Roadside Assistance

The thing with breakdown is, you can’t always predict them. However, you can be well prepared for one. If in the middle of the journey, your car starts acting up it is important to safely pull over before doing or thinking about doing anything else. Reliable Guys Towing Company provides top notch, 24 hours roadside assistance in St. Louis and has been in the business for decades. In this small write-up, the team of Reliable Guys Towing Co. explains small but important things you should do after your car unexpectedly breaks down.

Here’s what you should be doing when you need roadside assistance.

Pull Over

Getting yourself and the car to safety must be your number one priority when your vehicle starts making strange noises or completely shuts down. Most people try to find out the root cause while driving and often ends up in more trouble. Again – getting your vehicle off the road is the most important thing. Don’t apply brakes suddenly but pull your foot off of the pedal and by using the indicators and hazard lights slowly pull over to the side. Once you’re off harm’s way, turn off the engine and set the emergency brake.

Make The Car More Noticeable

If the battery is still operational, keep the hazards on. Other than that keep the safety triangles at the back and front of the car. This is really important and should not be taken lightly, especially if you’re stranded on a busy highway at night or in poor light.

P.S Although it is not recommended to exit the vehicle but if for some reason you do that make sure that you don’t stand anywhere near the vehicle.

Call For Roadside Assistance

It’s time to bother the road assistance team now! For that, you should always keep their number handy. Keep it at all times in your wallet, contact list or someplace safe in your car. It doesn’t matter which time of the day it is as most towing companies are operational 24 hours. Call them up, give every single detail and wait for the help to arrive.

Remain In The Car

Sometimes exiting the vehicle is inevitable but where ever possible, we recommend our readers to stay inside the vehicle and keep the seatbelts on. Wait for the roadside assistance or local authorities to arrive. When stranded, keep in mind that your vehicle is more visible than you are, so staying inside will prevent more damage. If the situation demands you to exit the car, be very cautious. If possible wear a fluorescent jacket and put a T-shirt or a white bag in the window to signal the incoming traffic while getting back inside.

Steps above might sound very elementary but believe us, most roadside accidents happen due to negligence. Always stay alert, in the moment, take nothing lightly and keep a close check on your surroundings when stranded on the road.