Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Errors

Vehicle Maintenance Errors
Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Errors

When it comes to proper vehicle maintenance, it often boils down to the combination of professional mechanical work plus some continuous DIY checkups on the owner’s part. Car owners and even professional mechanics sometimes tend to overlook those tiny but important details, which may end up in bigger problems.

In this article we will list down some of the most common errors while maintaining your car.

For most, the car you drive or keep is usually a big investment. And just like any other investment, keeping an eye on your asset is crucial. Without any further ado, let’s get down to our list of errors in car maintenance…

1- Overlooking Small Problems

Through our experience we have gathered that most big problems in a vehicle often starts with small ones and the owners usually tend to ignore them. Keep a closer look on warning signs like the change in engine sound, the engine check light, small vibrations while driving, etc. For top-notch maintenance, always pay closer attention to details.

2- Neglecting Air Filters

Air filters are the lungs of your vehicle. It breathes through them…so, yes, they are very important but often overlooked by car owners and mechanics. Yes, you can clean and reuse them but changing the air filters is important too. The air filters are cheap and must be changed when the dirt begins to block the airflow. It’s a small exercise, which can result in engine issues if not done in time.

3- Essential Fluids

Motorists can do great damage to their vehicle if they don’t change the essential fluids on time. These fluids include engine oil, gear oil, coolant, brake oil etc. The most important is the engine oil, which should be changed after 4000 to 8000 kilometers, depending upon the age of the vehicle, type of engine, and the type of engine oil used. Gear oil needs to be changed after 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers. If everything is fine with the radiator, the level of coolant remains constant but should be checked periodically.

4- Brake Pads & Brake Oil

This is one of the most commonly overlooked part of car maintenance. Faulty brake pads can put drivers, vehicles and other people at great risk. Weird, sharp noise, and vibrations while applying the brakes are the main warning signs of a faulty brake pads. We advise our readers not go on a DIY route when changing brake pads.

The brake oil level generally remains the same but should always be checked periodically.

5- Neglecting Tire Pressure and Worn Out Tires

Many serious accidents can take place if your tires are not in perfect conditions. Worn out tires or inappropriate pressure can cause the tire to burst especially when driven for extended period of time.


The list above is not exhaustive. We are sure that many of our readers would want to add to the list. Don’t be shy and let’s populate the comments section below with more common errors in car maintenance.